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Daring Damsels at the Embassy

Daring Damsels at the Embassy

Approximately 64 school girls from four local high schools (Harare High School, Hillbright Science College, Mufakose High School and ZRP High School) attended a forum hosted by the Australian Ambassador on Friday 27 May. The aim was to inspire the young girls by giving them an opportunity to interact with successful, working women who manage to juggle their careers along with their social and familial duties. The event was organised in collaboration with PROWEB, an organisation that harnesses the talents and skills of female professionals to improve social and economic wellbeing of Zimbabwean society.

Alongside the Ambassador were Bongani Makoni, Managing Director of Lance Financial Services and Christine Gumunyu – Manatsa, Chief Talents Officer and Corporate Social Responsibility Administrator, Rift Valley Services.  The panellists spoke of their journey to reach their current position and the challenges they had overcome. The key messages were to be flexible, take opportunities and have faith in your ability. The speeches were followed by an informal question and answer session which gave the students a chance to interact with the speakers and ask further questions.

All the speakers spoke of role of education in helping shape their paths. Bongani and Christina had studied overseas, and spoke of how this played an important role in broadening their horizons and making them more confident and independent. Christine studied and lived in Australia and is also a member of the Zimbabwe Australia Alumni Association.  For any girl (or boy) considering further study in Australia please visit

We look forward to seeing the next generation of young, Zimbabwean women succeed in their chosen paths, whatever they may be!

H.E. Ambassador McCourt alongside Bongani Makoni as Christine Gumunyu-Manatsa answers a question from the audience

The girls with the speakers and PROWEB staff